I used to think that the world wasn’t getting stranger.  I thought we just saw it through the lens of social media.  But there was a convergence of three things I saw last week that convinced me the world is getting stranger.

  1.  Jeffrey Epstein.  Obviously a horrible story about a horrible human being.  He associated with the rich and famous who knew who he really was!  And reading about one of the rape victims who had be to his homes many times over several years from the age of 13 made me wonder, where are the parents?  WTF?
  2. The Puppy Love Society.  I love listening to Podcasts.  One of my favorites is “Freakonomics” with Stephen Dubner.  He interviews a tenured professor from UC-Berkley who is in charge of Gender Studies.  But he’s the head of the “Puppy Love” society where grown men strip, put on dog collars, and as he put it, “Act like puppies, and do all the things that puppies do.”  And Dubner interviewed him like this wasn’t unusual!  WTF!
  3. Fox News covering ICE raids like a sporting event.  Sunday, Fox had reporters stationed around the country with a US Map highlighting where ICE raids were going to take place.  Breathless reporters acting like it was the start of a football game.  WTF?

It’s our world and I love it.  But it’s getting stranger.—JRH