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Vistage Chair, Leadership Expert, Executive Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Speaker

Building high performance teams and creating cultures of accountability and openness

Having a community of peers to lean on is the single most valuable resource to help leaders gain an edge. Donna has felt that power firsthand as a longstanding Vistage member and that is why she now shares its impact with other executives as a Vistage chair. One of her strengths as a facilitator is drawing out peoples’ uniqueness and perspectives to challenge them in a way we can all grow.

Donna Flynn is a firm believer that people create results, not organizations. Companies often focus on improving processes to be more efficient and improving their products to create a short-lived competitive advantage. Although both important, the true competitive advantage of every organization lies with the people who work there; they either help or hinder an organization’s progress.

Donna founded SkillsMastery Group in 2001 to provide executive coaching to middle and senior level executives in the areas of sales, management and leadership. Her company’s strength is creating cultures of high performance, concentrating on building openness and consistent feedback in organizations and creating true accountability among those who work there. Through the facilitation of small and large teams, SkillsMastery Group identifies obstacles to working together and bridges the gaps. The result: a culture shift to high-performance through openness and feedback. Clients benefit from increased awareness of their leadership strengths and weaknesses, engagement of employees and teams and identification of the ‘real’ issues impacting their success and their solutions.

SkillsMastery Group, Inc. was chosen as the preferred leadership and management coaching provider for BankTalentHQ, a premier financial services career site comprised of 26 state banking organizations.

Prior to starting her own organization, Donna was the President of eight banks in the Chicagoland area. She has been recognized for her leadership, results and culture change, and led her banks successfully through a tumultuous time in the industry. Her bank surpassed all its peers in its financial results. She then joined Banc One Mortgage Company as an executive coach and national sales manager, helping them develop and implement a sales and service process within their national organization, and acting
as the advisor to the executive team on their leadership, strategy, accountability and results.

Donna is an expert on leadership and speaks regularly at national and international conferences, in addition to appearances on radio shows and publications. She is a graduate of Northwestern University, a certified executive coach and adjunct professor in Marquette University’s MBA program