Executive Coaching, Organizational Development

Email: maureen.mcavoy@marquette.edu
Direct: 920-980-6662
LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/maureen-e-mcavoy

Dr. Maureen McAvoy is one of the premier executive leadership coaches in the Midwest. She brings more than two decades of experience developing and enhancing leadership competencies that produce superior results for individuals, teams, and organizations. Maureen primarily provides Executive Leadership Coaching to C-suite executives in for-profit and non-profit organizations.

What is the process? Maureen assists the leader to precisely identify their challenges and redefine them as opportunities, to recognize the limits of one-size-fits-all perspective, and constructs action plans with measurable outcomes. She possesses a unique combination of skills that meet the needs of the for-profit and non-profit leader. Maureen assists leaders to communicate actionable mission, vision, and value statements, to recruit working Boards of Directors and to assemble an effective and highly compatible executive leadership team.

Persona: Maureen’s demeanor is thoughtful, conscientious and focused on the client’s needs and wishes and does not push her own agenda. She is quick to build relationships, dig into where the leader’s strengths and areas of growth preside and capitalize on both with and on behalf of the client. Maureen has a quick wit and finds the humor in most situations and brings enthusiasm and energy to the relationship. She will challenge, support, and expand the client’s already high level skills by building a strong trusting relationship and examining the systems impacting the client to discover opportunities and blind spots that could be missed opportunities.

To her clients, Maureen is regarded as a value-added resource who delivers a quantifiable ROI. Her client successes include:

  • Facilitating career advancement from President to CFO, COO, and CEO
  • Providing carefully selected resources for Organization turnaround from bankruptcy, to solvency, to profit
  • Designing process and outcome focused peak performance objectives for BODs and Executive Leadership Teams
  • Recruiting, identifying, growing, and retaining high-potential associates.

Forefront of Best Practices: Maureen has a doctorate in Educational Leadership and possesses an Advanced Leadership Coaching Certificate. Maureen is also a faculty member at Marquette University for over 10 years in the Leadership and Organization degree program. As a result, she is on the forefront of identifying best practices for leadership effectiveness and organization development. She readily infuses this knowledge into her Executive Leadership Coaching practice on behalf of her clients.