Strategic Planning
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“I recently fulfilled one of my biggest goals by intentionally jumping out of plane at 14,000 ft.”

Authentic Coaching of Senior Leadership Teams

As an experienced CEO and leader, Rom works with leaders to develop their personal and professional growth. His growth plans include working with management and functional teams to ensure genuine and lasting engagement.

A Great Listener, Thoughtful and Direct

As a husband, father and business leader, Rom is a great listener who not only hears the word but reads the body language of the speaker. He is able to thoughtfully respond with direct and clear guidance that allows for breakthrough growth.

Exceptional Insight “Execution Planning, Strategic Thinking, and Executive Coaching”

After founding his first company, Rom realized that without carefully planning on how to perform the work that’s tied to the strategic plan, the work never finished. Since joining Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) in 2006, he discovered that many innovative and smart leaders also had a disconnect between execution planning and strategic planning. He began working and coaching executives how to close the gap and improve their individual and company’s performance with dramatic results.

Credentials and Results

  • BS in Electrical Engineering Technology and Scientific & Technical Communications from Michigan Technology University
  • Chairman and Co-Founder of i3Logic, aka The Performance Agency
  • A member of the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)