Executive Coach and Human Capital Consultant

Direct: (414) 708-0987
Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/keri-wolter-de-bruin-78083b4/

Keeping the Human in Human Capital

Keri De Bruin is known for her practical and common-sense approach to business partnerships and generating creative solutions to organizational issues. With experience as an HR executive, and certifications in both servant leadership and mindfulness, she brings a human approach to consulting and coaching engagements.

Coaching and Human Capital Consulting Services

Keri’s career in HR spans 3 decades, and includes experience across manufacturing, logistics, the trades, oil and gas, entertainment, education and non-profit. Keri founded Apex Coaching & Consulting, LLC in 2019 which provides:


  • Individual Coaching and Corporate Coaching
    • Professionals, emerging leaders, established leaders, senior leaders
  • Organizational Training
    • Off the shelf and customized training solutions
  • HR Consulting / Fractionalized HR Services

The Apex Approach

Keri believes that people are the driver of an organization’s success.  People, or human capital, can make or break a company’s future.  She also believes that authentic, best in class human capital practices pave the way to a bright future.  That is why her approach to coaching and consulting is rooted in trust, open communication, co-creation, candor and optimizing strengths. Keri and Apex partner with organizations to maximize their business through human capital. They also work with individuals to help them reach their potential through candid conversation and strengths optimization.

As a wife and mother of 2 amazing girls, Keri understands the importance and challenge of balancing a successful career and raising a family in a busy world.