Allied Consulting Group partners with other trusted advisors from a variety of disciplines. Rather than trying to be “Everything to Everybody”, Allied connects its clients with individuals and practices that are the best at what they do.” Each trusted Advisor is carefully vetted by our team.

SkillsMastery Group, Inc. Vistage Chair, Leadership Expert, Executive Coach, Trainer, Facilitator and Speaker

Strategic Planning & Executive Coaching

Executive Coach and Human Capital Consultant

Board of Director Development, Corporate Triage

Client Competitive Advantage Officer at The Frantz Group.

Strategic Planning, Corporate Anthropology

Jen is the owner of Original Edit, LLC, founded to leverage her more than 15 years of experience helping individuals and organizations communicate more authentically and effectively.

Executive Coaching

Strategic Planning

Executive Coaching, Organizational Development

Sales Strategist, Sales Process Improvement

Strategic Planning, Human Capital