Executive Coaching

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“My wife and I have been foster parents to 17 teenagers. What an amazing privilege.”

Transformative Senior Leadership Coaching and Accelerated Development of Rising Leaders

A trusted and caring CEO, Rod guides people to realize their desired future. His proudest moments are when he sees client leaders grow their business (e.g. 72% in 14 months) and when a high-potential leader adds “new tools to their leadership toolbox” and is promoted.

A possibility thinker & creative problem solver who delivers measureable results

As a life-long learner, Rod uses proven models and tested approaches to help his clients:

  1. Clearly define desired outcomes
  2. Create specific action plans
  3. Help people develop new sustainable habits
  4. Successfully execute the organization’s strategies
  5. Achieve and Exceed performance goals

He connects with his clients to think and implement with them steps to achieve their stretch goals.

Exceptional Insight “Strategy Execution, Leadership Toolbox, Executive Onboarding, Rising Leader Development”

Working with Fortune 500 companies as well as privately held organizations, Rod’s insights on the “how and why leaders grow” make a significant impact. Rod drives organizational growth through a series of evolutionary levels: from Understanding to successful Application on the job and finally to Mastery, perfecting the client’s leadership skills and equipping them to teach others.

Credentials and Results

  • Accelerated the development of a new Regional Director who delivered a $2M profit improvement first year in the job.
  • Coached an entire regional sales management team and in 18 months raised performance from bottom 40% to #1 in the country.
  • Coached two Directors in different industries both of whom were promoted to VP positions in less than 2 years.
  • Solved operational problems with a CEO; result – “order from chaos … hundreds of thousands of dollars in hard cost savings and millions in improved customer satisfaction.”
  • Masters in Human Resources and Industrial Relations, Michigan State University
  • Board Member – Center for Leadership at the University of Tampa
  • Author, The 8 Step New Leader Action Plan & A Hands-On Guide for Leading Organization Change