A Fresh Vision for Executive Roundtables

RESULTS.com_OKRs_KPIsAllied Executive Roundtables are peer-based member-only groups that help members grow both personally and professionally in their roles as business leaders. Our members are smart, well-focused CFO, CIOs, and HR leaders who desire to grow professionally and personally. Through direct meetings with CEOs throughout Wisconsin, a growing set of similar development needs were identified for financial executives including:

  • Enhancing soft skills and presentation skills
  • Improving business development skills
  • Growing and mentoring department staff
  • Developing a strategic outlook to become a better business partner for CEO/Owners
  • Learning about and sharing best practices
  • Finding a sounding board for challenges in a confidential setting and inviting peer feedback
  • Hearing from expert speakers
  • Engaging in one-on-one coaching

Executive Roundtables

Each Roundtable is led by an expert and trained facilitator, with the total number of active members not to exceed 12 people. Each Roundtable meets six times per year and includes six individual, one-on-one sessions with the chair. Roundtable sessions typically run from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. and include breakfast, group session/speaker, lunch, and a private, member-only executive session.

Potential Roundtable members are evaluated privately by the chair and presented to the existing members for consideration. There are no competing members or direct areas of conflict. Executive Roundtables expect strict confidentiality between members in and of group meetings. This includes both personal and professional interactions.

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If you’d like to speak with John Howman directly, he can be reached at (262) 724-6668 or by email at jhowman@alliedcg.com.